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World’s largest IPO from a Chinese bank, who else?

Agricultural Bank of China is planning an IPO that could be the largest in the world so far, to the tune of $20-$30 billion, surpassing the previous highest IPO from VISA that amassed $19.7 billion in 2008. ABC is trying a listing at both the Shanghai and Hong Kong exchanges by the end of September. […]

Startup Ideas for Home Business: Places to Find them Easy Way

Fortunately enough, home business concepts are simple to come by as they are found almost everywhere. They are on offer to grab right in your community, in the books and the magazines, on the web and obviously from the friends. Probably one of these concepts might even be perfectly suitable for you. But if that […]

Ways to Accelerate your Online Business with

After paying visits to the same school alongside your bosom classmates for as many as four to even twelve years, it’s difficult to imagine to even ever losing their touch. Once you get graduated though and understand that everyone is leaving their own schools for the purpose of jobs or travels it turns heartbreakingly crystal […]

Traits of Hospitality Business

Those of us, who are in hospitality business, have to make a lot of choices and tough decisions. We deal with people’s pleasure, not basic needs. We have to convince them to pay huge bills and have to do it by satisfying them. We have to create an image loyal enough to pull customer time […]

Make People Talk about your Company

Modern business is all about how good a reputation you have. You have to have a good business infrastructure of course but to go with that you need to have a good exposure so that your business does not turn into a hidden treasure never to be found by the target customers. You need to […]